In Tunisia, a miracle happened: one day there was a lake in the desert


The Tunisian desert was an amazing event — just one day in the arid area formed the present lake. Experts believe that this could happen due to seismic activity, which resulted in part of the underground water came to the surface.

Sony is preparing a new revision of PS Vita


Sony’s hearing due to a very successful PS4, on PS Vita decided to recall more in a negative way — say, the corporation has thrown all forces on the PS4, and forgot about the development of the portable division. This is not true. People who follow the patents reported that a Japanese corporation had prepared us a new revision PS Vita.Soobschaetsya that the main innovation

Porsche is developing a motor for a limousine Russian President

Фото: РИА Новости

Engine limousine for President of Russia is developing a German Porsche Engineering, said portal carexpo, citing a source close to the project «tuple». According to the source, initially assumed that the engine will be created in Russia, but eventually abandoned this plan. «Russia has a long association Porsche Engineering, they brought several models of VAZ,

Vladimir recorded the first fatality from swine flu

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The first deaths among cases of swine flu recorded in Vladimir, Tass reported. This was stated by the director of the regional health department, Alexander Kiryuhin. According to him, virological analysis confirmed that the man died of pneumonia, has been infected with swine flu.

Create a «multi-storey» chip that runs 1000 times faster than existing


Scientists and engineers at Stanford University (USA) in the Defense Advanced Research conference in San Francisco presented a method of designing and creation of a «multi-storey» chips (3D-chips). Their power is a thousand times greater than the possibility of the most productive «one-story» processors, said the publication The method is based on the use of grown carbon nanotubes (CNT) or nanoscopic rod mesh carbon atoms, which can be processed at low temperatures, according to the publication.

The project to create artificial skin


Scientists from the Pedagogical University in Ulyanovsk developing a project to create artificial skin. Experts began to cultivate the cells of the skin and the first results — cultured human skin fibroblasts — they hope to have in 2016. The methods used by the scientific group, allows a patient’s skin cells to create in vitro analogues of various tissues and organs. Scientists note that the right to receive the full equivalent of a person’s skin is difficult.

Tablet Chuwi Hi10 offer two modern operating systems to choose from


Company Chuwi China unveiled a new tablet computer Hi10, which is still at the stage of downloads will offer its owner a choice of two operating systems that need it at the moment. Tablet with two operating systems on board is extremely small, so we could not pass by this model. Already Chuwi Hi10 can be ordered around the well-known Chinese online store, where its price is about $ 250.

The world’s first 8K-TV will cost 133,000 dollars


Sharp Corporation of Japan announced the “prelaunch readiness” to release the first worldwide TV LV-85001 with a fantastic and unique resolution of 8K (7680h4320 this point, approximately 33.2 megapixels). It should be noted that the declared value of a novelty, and it is also quite fantastic – 133 000 thousand dollars, or at the current exchange rate is equal to the price of nine million rubles.